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Open Monday to Saturday - 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Telephones: 214.4287 - 263.1789/0382
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About Us


Danté Salón & Spa began 7 years ago as a part of the Danté Mansion, where it got its name. Originally, it was a beauty salon with the standard services. However, on the behalf of our clients, who demanded greater services, the owners decided to add the Spa.

The chance knocked on the door when we were searching for a new locale for the salon

The current location, in a strategic point in the city yet surrounded by nature, was the perfect place to join beauty and relaxation.

And so, Danté Salón & Spa was born.


Danté Salón & Spa offers its clients a positive and absolutely relaxing environment so they can revitalize and pamper themselves.

We have: a fully equipped beauty salon, massages, facials, body treatments, cafeteria, tanning and tailoring.

Our mission is to provide comfort to every person to visit our place and every person who works in it, by means of a positive, relaxing environment.

Our vision is to be the best spa a beauty salon in Panama and Central America.

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